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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

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12th July 2006

fall_fromheaven3:43pm: Hello everyone!!

I'm Bethany and I've just joined your lovely community!

I've loved Yu-Gi-Oh! for years and so of course I wanted to see GX. But, alas, I've only seen the first episode...and that was yesterday! It took me ages to find a dubbed version of it on the internet! (Every other version I found wasn't subtitled or dubbed, rather annoying really.) And I'm not certain, but I don't think it's over on my shores yet. (England) And I really badly wanna see more of GX, so if anyone knows somewhere I can get my hands on the episodes, either subbed or dubbed, please let me know? I'll be forever grateful.

Also, I'd love to have some new YGO/YGO GX lovin' friends, so please feel free to add me if you ever wanna chat. <3

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14th May 2006

lita_ann_kino9:31pm: Art
man is this community abandoned? I haven't from it in such a while... so i post art! XDDD
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12th April 2005

soulreaver6269:25am: Hey Everyone
I just got the Yu-Gi-Oh! Online game that Shonen Jump made,and it completely rocks.My username is TacotheTormentor.If anyone sees me,let's duel!

I wanted to ask if anyone has a Duel Pass that came with the newest issue of Shonen Jump that they are not going to use,could you please scratch off the bar and tell me the number? I'd really really love you if you could.You can only duel a number of times with one Duel Pass.So,the more you want to duel,the more passes you will need.Just wondering if anyone out there has one and doesn't plan on using it.


p.s.It's my bday today (you can even check my info) so it would be reeeally cool for people I don't even know yet to give me a nice duel pass for a bday gift,lol.

3rd April 2005

elite_stoat12:28am: new episode
Just so you guys know, episode 26 is up now.

You can download it at http://bt.saiyaman.info/

16th February 2005

hobbit_hunter9:48pm: PIMP PIMP PIMP!
Everyone if you have GX icons and want to post them, check out the community I made:


please join and post !

16th January 2005

hobbit_hunter12:14am: Fan News!
GOOD news! My Yuuki Judai shrine that has been working on months between Hinoryu and myself is up! Seiippai Hallelujah! And a new art piece:

A Boy and his Duel Monster
Judai and Hane Kuriboh!

23rd December 2004

yaoipimp11:57am: Woohaaa @_@ This place is still quiet >O I need to make some screencaps or something...

Random, does anyone know where I can get episode 9? i somehow missed that in downloading them x_X (Have been downloading, but haven't had enough time to actually WATCH @_@; Work = evil)

Saiyaman don't have them, nor do downloadanime...sooo...anyone? ^^;

19th November 2004

hobbit_hunter3:49pm: New to the community!! WHEE. ANyone know of a challenge genx community??

6th November 2004

yaoipimp8:13am: Where do people here get their episodes from? I usually get mine from Saiyaman, but for some reason the video plays iffy when I download from there (it doesn't run smoothly..makes it look like the cameraman has a very serious twitch). I used to get them from l33t-raws, but they're not doing GX right now, or if anyone could offer any tips on how I might fix it, since other people don't seem to be having a problem x_X

Completely random, Shou is adorable.

19th October 2004

elite_stoat4:08pm: GX 1 screencaps
First of all, welcome to the new YGO GX community - I hope everyone keeps liking GX and has a lot of fun.

Anyway, I took a few hundred screencaps from the first episode (it's sad, I know), and I finally got around to uploading a few of them, so I thought I'd share.

If anyone has any screencap requests from the first episode, tell me and I can probably put them up. Haven't done the second episode yet.


21 screencaps under the cutCollapse )

Do whatever you want with them, but that reminds me - this community needs an icon. Anyone want to make one?
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